The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Party Entertainment

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Let's start with the best tip of the season!

#1 Tip - Picture Perfect

In today's modern world social media is a big part of everyone's identity as well as the perception of what other people have on your event, company or branding. Think big when it comes to your end of year Christmas party and this doesn't mean you need to spend big bucks. Get your guests to do the hard yards, set a theme and ta-da your guests are dressed the part and now all you need to do is sprinkle or stuff the night full of entertainment.

Trust me! entertainment is your life saver, it will take away those awkward "I had nothing to talk about" moments and make even the most up tight person crack a smile or a boogie.

There is entertainment suitable for every event and budget. The biggest mistake when booking entertainment is not being honest on budget when enquiring, offer a ball park budget and let our booking manager come back with suitable suggestions so it doesn't kill your vibe. On that note let's look at our guide to Christmas Party Entertainment.

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1. Showtime

This is the pinnacle of your event. The must have, the magic moment, the feature show.

Think captivating cabaret dancers adorned with dazzling costumes, quirky characters from your favourite storybook, live bands that your guests can rock out to, authentic dance shows to match your theme, full-blown fire shows and magic by the hands of a magician!

* On a budget? This is your destination and where you want to spend those dollars.

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2. Atmosphere

When guests are moseying around with a cocktail and planning their social media posts, the atmospheric event entertainment is key to putting your event on the digital scale of WOW. 

The choices are endless. Themed artists greeting guests in full character, towering stilt performers, Victoria's Secret style winged angels, body painted human statues and DJs breaking the silence with those oh so important beats.

*Atmospheric entertainment works well in larger venues as it fills the awkward spaces and brings people together for plenty of photo opportunities and laughs.

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3. Cherry on Top

This is the “WTF” factor... Speciality acts with the highest skill level and uniquely talented performers. If you have the bucks why not have the cherry on top!

From a vintage pin up glam girl in a martini glass to incredible Cirque du Soleil acrobats and contortionists, this is the unexpected let’s blow your guests’ minds moment. Have your guests anticipating next year's Christmas party already and talking about it throughout the year to come!

*If you're doing the cherry you're doing all 3! You can't give a WOW factor and skimp on the rest... BORING.

Ok now you're asking "but what theme should I choose so I can pick the right entertainment"

Great question and we have a list of some goodies that always work a charm:

Theme Ideas & Entertainment to Match

Carnival Theme - Brazilian dancers and drummers, Latin American DJ

White or Black Theme - Mimes, fire performers, showgirls

Bollywood Stars - Bollywood dancers and dhol drummers, henna tattooist

Gatsby - Cabaret dancers and singer, saxophonist with DJ

Alice in Wonderland - Stilt walkers, Character dance show

The quintessential highlight of any event is entertainment and it doesn't stop here. Choices are endless and if you can visualise it we can even create it for you. What does this mean you say? check out this link -


Lastly a note from Caitlin Sisley

Splurge for a little entertainment.

Yes, it’s an extra expense. But hiring entertainment might just save you money overall! Parties with professional entertainment tend to have lower bar spends on the night, and have less problems caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

This is because awesome entertainment is both a distraction and a talking point. It helps introverts and socially awkward colleagues to feel comfortable. When everyone is enthralled by the beatbox-hip-hop-magician-hypnotist-ventriloquist, they don’t knock back the beers quite as fast.

Your entertainment will also help distinguish your staff party from every other company bash. Don’t be afraid to opt for something a bit unique and different. If budget is tight forget the generic DJ (why not just use an iPod) and spend the money on something really engaging, like an awesome MC, local jazz band, dance troupe or comedian.


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