Welcome to our creative playground. 

We are two creative minds with a bucketload of experience in the entertainment industry as performing artists, choreographers, tour managers and event producers. Let's get on a first name basis, We are Sky and Sashya {air high five or hand shake for our corporate friends}.

We are Prana Entertainment


If we didn't have you at hello, let's talk process. We are actively involved in every step of your entertainment plan. We create, direct, produce, source, manage and if it's part of our performance repertoire, you guessed it... we also perform.

Why Prana Ent.

We believe in the noble art of entertainment. Done the right way. Performed by true artists. We will only provide you with entertainers we have personally seen, loved and given the Prana tick of approval to. We will only create shows for you that set off our own innovative fireworks.


The plus of both creating and performing in the industry on the daily is that we have direct contact and relationships with seriously talented performing artists, dancers, musicians, actors and models. We are hands on all the way and not merely going through an agency to book entertainment.

The yin to the yang, the pea to the pod, the right to the left brain. If that doesn't explain it this will... we are two creative directors with unique skill sets that both complement and inspire each other creatively and logistically.

No stone will be left unturned.

Why Us.