If you can visualise it, we will create it.

If you need help sparking an idea for your brand or event, let us conjure up our imaginations for you. Two creative brains are better than one.


Creative Direction is our thing, we literally live for getting our mitts on producing seriously entertaining shows. We are passionate about bringing unique, imaginative and unforgettable concepts to life.


We take pride in working closely with our clients from concept to execution to ensure only the very premium level of brand activation and event entertainment.

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What We Do



Let our imaginations run riot.



Find the right pieces of the puzzle.



Hands on the process from start to finish.



Bring it all to life in fine form.

Proof is in the creative pudding

camilla, camilla kaftan, camilla with love

Client: Camilla  www.camilla.com/au/

Campaign: 2018 Summer Collection "The Long Way Home"

Brief: Inspired by the classic grandiose scenes of Bollywood blockbusters. Picturesque choreography created specifically to be filmed from all angles and showcase the flowing garments of the 2018 collection.

Choreography time: 5 hours

Rehearsal time: 6 hours

Filming of finished product: 4 hours

keune, keune hair cosmetics, keune charity ball

Client: Keune Hair Cosmetics www.keune.com/anz

Campaign: 2017 Keune Hair show and Charity Ball (Sydney)

Brief: Bring the style of Harajuku to life on the runway for the opening of Keune’s hair show and as the feature event entertainment at The Keune Foundation gala ball. Kitsch wardrobe and accessories, bright hair and face painted make up and quirky character based choreography to create the Tokyo Neon Disco theme. 

Choreography time: 6 hours

Rehearsal time: 8 hours

Catwalk Show: 10 minutes

Charity Ball Show: 20 minutes

Client: Keune Hair Cosmetics www.keune.com/anz

Campaign: 2016 Keune Charity Ball (Melbourne)

Brief: Themed event entertainment based on the musical / movie Hairspray. 60s inspired look with full skirts, bobby socks, sweater sets and big hair from Baltimore. Choreography and performance style to suit the era of the musical.

Choreography time: 3 hours

Rehearsal time: 4 hours

Performance: 20 minutes

Client: Keune Hair Cosmetics www.keune.com/anz

Campaign: 2015 Keune Hair Show (Sydney)

Brief: Choreography specifically for the catwalk. To open the runway shows for world renowned hair artists Georgy Kot and Daniel Yap.

True Beauty: Ethereal, balletic, floating, mesmerizing. 

Inspired Gear: Futuristic, robotic, electronic, diva. 

Choreography time: 5 hours

Rehearsal time: 9 hours

Performance: 7  minutes per catwalk show

Client: Keune Hair Cosmetics www.keune.com/anz

Campaign: 2015 Keune Charity Ball (Sydney)

Brief: Inspired by the classic film “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”. Over the top glitz, glam, feathers and outrageously fabulous. Greet guests in character on the red carpet and feature event entertainment with Drag performances and Mardi Gras style cabaret shows.

Choreography time: 3 hours

Rehearsal time: 5 hours

Performance: 20 minutes 

marquee sydney, the star sydney, nightlife entertainment

Client: Marquee Sydney www.marqueesydney.com

Campaign: End of the World Party

Brief: Mayan “End of the World”. Tribal, fierce, warrior style characters and choreography to reflect the theme. Roving event entertainment and performance.

Choreography time: 2 hours

Rehearsal time: 5 hours

Performance: 20 minutes 


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